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The Top Cars Producer in The World: Italian Cars Has a Long Journey!

Italian cars are reputed leading the industry of cars including speed, machine and design. Italian automobile began from Enrico Bernardi who created tricycle car which was running on petrol in 1884. Then, three years later Fiat was formed in 1896. Today, the industry had been dominated by Fiat group which produce the exotic Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati. This group has begun to break the market since 2001 and they dominated the market by 90%. One of the best selling cars they ever made is Fiat Panda. As the top five biggest luxurious car producer in the world, Italia has the best ever car made in various designs, technology and brands.
Aside from the cars brand and high-end product, let's take a look at the history of Italian Cars. I think it seems good and knowledgeable to know how and when the Italian cars began to develop as big as we know recently.

The Invention of Car

It was begun  from Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot who found steam dray. It used to transport heavy loads. It was supported by a 62,000 cm ³ of a steam engine so it was able to carry loads until 4 tons. What Cugnots found at this time became the basic thing of motorization production. The next three years, a young man, Fran├žois Isaac de Rivaz revealed his prototype from the internal combustion engine. It was powered by 2 dm ³of gas and coal. Besides, 10-12 of air also supported his project.
It needed a long time to see the modern cars available in the market. Until the 1850s, an explosion of the invention from Nicolo Barsanti, thanks to him who made the modern car reached a turning point. He was known as a priest, engineer and inventor after presenting his project. He got the idea because learning a Volta pistol that a mixture of hydrogen and air could cause an explosion. The advantage of physical principles truly worked on his design. His luck came bigger after meeting Felice Matteucci, an engineer who was willing to work with him in his rest of his life. Until finally they had succeeded to patent their engines in England though some countries like Belgium, Prussia, France and Piedmont are failed to get the guarantee of an international patent. They named their machine as Barsanti-Matteucci for their engine.

Famous Italian names


By then the first company to produce Italian cars was Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. The First product launched was designed by Aristide Faccioli, the 3 1/2 HP. It was supported by 3.5 hp and 400 rpm. At this time, this company only produced 8 copies. In the 19th century, a car was a high-end product which only a wealthy family who could buy it. Moreover, the 3 1/2 HP was not supported by reverse gear and the frame was created from wood. In few years later, F.I.A.T found the glory by reaching a victory of car racing in 1902. It was Vincenzo Lancia idea. The next year, he built his own company.

Lesser Known Italian Names

Aquila Italiana

A future four wheels were presented by Giulio Cesare Cappa and Giulio Pallavicino (who financed the construction). This prototype was the pioneer of ball bearings use, pedal clutch and piston alloy in Italian cars. In this success, Pallavivino purposes Cappa to produce cars and convert the laboratory into a company. Another man who joined the company project was Gustavo Malvano. Before the company went bigger, both Gulvano and Pallavicino were killed and let the company acquired by a creditor and left Cappa to be just a manager. resulting conflicts and disagreements, Cappa got fired. It brought them to work with F.I.A.T and let Aquila Italiana fell on to SPA (Societa Piemontese Automobili).


A year after Aquila Italiana, Lancia was born by a driver Vincenzo Lancia in Turin 1906. He worked with Claudio Fogolin found the company and had been succeeded

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